Album Review: Demo by Estrogents - Kanan

As a whole, this record by Estrogents is a cohesive journey, riding on classic punk riffs and melodies. These eleven tracks showcase each instrument, whether it’s displayed on bass-heavy “Road Kill”, or drum-reliant “Down to Earth.” Thematically, each track fits in with one another, creating a piece of work that can find itself a home in the punk rock genre.

The banter at the beginning of almost every track gives this album a genuine, D.I.Y. feel, while still tying the pieces together to create well-thought out songs. The opener, “Modern Prometheus,” is a fast-paced and spunky track, with the initial riff coming off as highly infectious. “Romance Pumpkins” is definitive pop-punk, reminiscent of predecessors such as mid-90’s Green Day, with roaring drums to sonically fill the space. The definitive standout song of this album, “Leather Jacket”, has an indie-punk kick with strategically placed screaming vocals. This song has a calm, yet exciting vibe to it, which factors in to why it is the standout track.

As a fan of the movie Heathers, I was immediately drawn in by the name of the track “Heather Chandler”, not knowing at all what to expect. This song in particular provides listeners with a loud, layered sound, almost too big to fit within the confines of this album. With its grungy undertones, it’s almost ironic how the song “Bleach” fits perfectly within its Nirvana-era namesake. Whether the band meant to do this on purpose is seemingly unknown, but is certainly noticed.

As the roller coaster of this album comes to a close, the last two tracks throw listeners for a loop. “Goodyear” starts with a slow, serene intro that leads into an instrumental track that was yearned for. Leaving this toward the end of the album was a quality placement choice, as it added some dynamic layers to the otherwise frenzied track list. The final song, “Hey Buddy” is evidently a faultless closer, with Estrogents showing their range all the way until the last second. The slower-paced nature of this song, tied in with the previous few, really completed the album. I hope that Estrogents continue to make music, and that they have the abilities and are capable of making interesting music for all who are willing to listen.