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Demos 2020 by You Dirty Rat

Hailing from my home state of Michigan is Detroit ska/punk band, You Dirty Rat. This four piece consists of Matty McRatty on Vox/Guitar, Craig Ratberts on Guitar, Bobby Rat on Bass, and Aggro Eddie on Drums. Just as the name implies, these guys play a gritty mix of ska and punk that suits the midwest very well. The EP, Demos 2020, showcases just a slight bit of what this band can do.

"That's Where I Hunt Bigfoot" starts us on our dirty journey and I was immediately hooked. A straight up punk song with a super catchy hook, the music doesn’t disappoint either. Guitar driven, this song really makes you want to get up and move. The very chant-able “I plead the fifth” which gets changes to “I drank the fifth” at the end of the song really drives the song along!

Clocking in at just over a minute this song changes from punk to ska and gives you a taste of what this band can do. "Change For a Dollar" is a quick little jaunt down the road that is You Dirty Rat and rolls right into the next track.

"Whoa Nelly" is a typical punk song about wanting to find a person that shares similar interests and with whom you can just be yourself. Drums and bass drive this song along with some upstrokes about halfway through. The guitar in this song is really top notch.

"Wishful Thinking" is the longest track on this EP and it is probably my favorite. This song illustrates getting old and trying to deal with life as it comes, any way you can. At 43, I can surely tell you that things don't ever let up. I use all sorts of coping mechanisms to try to get through also.

f you enjoyed any of these songs then I encourage you to look them up on these platforms:

YouTube, Bandcamp ,and Facebook. I fell into this rat trap and I was not disappointed. These dudes are currently working on a full length album, so be sure to keep an eye out for that as well!

Some bonus videos:

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