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Divide and Devour by Panic Sets In

Panic Sets In is a 4 piece pop/punk band from Philly consisting of:

Justin Trumpler- Guitar and backing vocals

Devon Kelly- Vocals

Joey Suarez- Drums

Pra Kalansuriya- Bass

Their 10 track album, Divide and Devour, is full of songs about wanting to be noticed, love lost, and the overall monotony of life. Devon’s vocals are smooth and crisp and the rest of the band is nothing to shake a stick at. I enjoyed this entire album, but I'm not trying to write a book here. So I am going to tell you about a few songs on this album in no particular order.

“Dying for the Weekend” showcases this band's pop/punk side It’s one of the “heavier” songs on the album and it gives Justin a chance to show off his amazing background vocals. It also has a funny outro. To answer the question: Yes, I definitely would like to.

“Fever Dream” starts out with a kind of surf rock vibe which shortly changes into a punk anthem, with the rhythm section really pushing it forward. This song seems to be about coming out of a toxic relationship and overcoming the obstacles that result from that. The vocals truly drive that home.

“Upside Down” opens with a soft piano then abruptly switches tempo with the guitar bass and drums coming in. The entrance of the vocals somehow make it feel complete. Lyrics about a lost relationship where it seems things didn't end on a good note, I’m sure some people can relate to that.

I really dug the song, “Voice on the Radio.” It is fairly mellow and it talks about wanting to get your big break and wishing for everyone to hear your “voice on the radio.” But it also goes deeper than than and is about having people hear what you actually have to say.

This is a solid album and it reminds me a lot of the band American Pinup from New York (if you don't know them then I suggest you check them out as well.) You can find Panic Sets In on various platforms including: Facebook, Bandcamp, Youtube ,and Spotify.

Look 'em up and enjoy some solid tunes!

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