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Done in the Dark by Murder for Girls

Last year brought us all a lot of things both good and bad, but luckily one of those positives was the third release from Pittsburgh-based indie punkers, Murder for Girls. Done In the Dark is an excellent addition to their discography, a great follow up to 2016's All the Wishes and 2017's All the Pretty Stars, and in my opinion, their best recording to date. This 9 track album is perfect for punks looking to mellow out and smell the flowers, and I really dig the 90s-esque nostalgic sound that Murder for Girls has going on. Don't be fooled though, they still give us those awesome garage punk riffs we salivate over.

Honeycomb, the opening track on Done In the Dark, is a smooth groovin' tune and our first introduction to Michele, Stephanie, and Tammy's lovely harmonies. The three ladies' voices mesh so well together it almost gives the music a hypnotic effect. You can find a video of Honeycomb on YouTube, where it was featured by Mindrocket Sessions of West Middlesex, Pennsylvania.

Track 2, Exposure, is a short little song, but even more hypnotizing than the first. I can't get enough of the girls' vocals on this one. Goth Girls, the third tune on Done In the Dark, is easily one of my favorites on this record. It is about, you guessed it, goth girls and all things goth girl, black lips, black hair, black boots, black EVERYTHING! Goth Girls has a phenomenal hook, and in fact all the lyrics are so fun that they deserve a close listen.

Track 4, Broken, is perhaps the most light hearted (sounding, at least) songs I have ever heard. I love the backing vocals from Tammy Wallace and Stephanie Wallace on this one, as well as the lyrics. Star, the next track, is also a really pretty song. I really like the depth of the melodies and harmonies on this one. If you're into well crafted vocals, you really need to buy this record.

However, we must never forget the bass player (after all, they do make the coolest faces of anyone in the band), and luckily the 6th track on this album really showcases Jonathan Bagamery's tight bass lines. Run is also, in my opinion, the most punk sounding track on Done In the Dark.

Semiautomatic is another lovely sounding tune, but this one is heavy and thick, it takes it's time- and I freaking love it. You also cant help love the lead vocals on this one from Michele Dunlap. Fallen, the second to last track on the album, is one of my favorites from Murder for Girls. Its super catchy, it's a little something different as well, with some really cool rhythmic breaks from Michele and Jonathan.

The last track on Done In the Dark is an ode to all those hippie girls out there, at least the really bad ass ones. Patchouli certainly is bad ass in its own right; catchy and punk as hell. "I'll be laughing when you go to jail, I hope its everlasting, I'll be laughing when you go to hell, I hope its everlasting." Now, THAT is how you drop the mic.

Be sure to check out Murder for Girls, I have a feeling that you'll enjoy this album as much as I did. You can find them on Facebook, and be sure to check out their Bandcamp, listen and support! I truly can't wait for more ear candy!

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