Album Review: Grass Fed Tunes by Fine Dining - Sammie

So I go to check out this video, “Somewhere Along the Line” by LA based punk band, Fine Dining. I start seeing these kids shredding and singing in place of the band members and instantly I am IN. I’m ready to knock this table over and start a circle pit with my own kids right here in the living room.

Fine Dining’s debut EP, Grass Fed Tunes, brought back that old school skate punk sound that any fan of the genre can certainly appreciate. Fine Dining’s label is Emmer Effer Records and the EP was recorded at Buzzbomb Studios, produced by Paul Miner- Former Bassist of Death By Stereo. As a big DBS fan myself, I thought this was pretty rad.

The first song on the track and the video I previously mentioned, “Somewhere along the Line” is a damn good introduction and layout of their sound and energy. There’s a speedy aggressiveness that sets you up for the rest of the album. This doesn't end with the second jam, “Elephant in the Van,” either.

The third song on the album, “A Drink For You” is a hardcore anthem, with some heart and soul bled into the entire song.

The album ends with some really tasty breakdowns in “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” and throws in some more of that speedy, original skate punk sound.

Overall, I want more of these guys! Check them out on Bandcamp, Youtube, Facebook.