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Happy Birthday, Ska Box Compilation from Allegedly Records

Birthdays, a time for celebration, togetherness, and recognizing a new year. It’s a joyous occasion - full of laughs, happy moments, and in this case, some good ol’ punk rock. Ska Box and Allegedly Records knocked it out of the park once again for Ska Box’s February compilation to celebrate their first birthday. A delicate mix of punk sub-genres, each song shines in its own right and proves just how many great bands this scene has. It’s a true homage to the accomplishments of Ska Box and is an album that will be enjoyed for all future birthdays to come.

The album hits the ground running by opening with “One Shot Down,” by Pittsburgh’s own, The Homisides. The group is very reminiscent of the early punk sound from the 70’s and 80’s. With their catchy hooks and fast paced tempo, it’s the perfect intro for a celebration album and sets the tone for a great time. As singer, Daisy Valentine, says, “Ain’t no shame in having fun.”

The next track on the compilation is one of my personal favorites, and I can’t say enough good things about Bored with Fire from Spokane, Washington. The quartet just recently signed with Allegedly Records, and this track, “Altruistic Truth,” proves just how much they’re going to shine on the label. It’s described as a song for those who love to fail, as the lyrics dive into past experiences of regret and talks of finding comfort in rock bottom. I can’t wait to see this new band grow, as everything they’ve put out thus far has been consistently great.

Another strong band to come out of Pittsburgh, Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs! has one of the catchiest tunes on the record. Their song, “Intergalactic Reptilian Shredders,” combines ska punk elements that will leave you skanking around right where you stand. It’s sure to get you moving, and it’ll leave you longing for pre-COVID times, as you’ll want to get together and dance around with friends. It’s a fun, light-hearted track that talks of dinosaur skateboarders who have landed on Earth to teach everyone how to truly shred. It certainly brings the party atmosphere needed to celebrate Ska Box’s first birthday.

The album closes with “Emotional Bullshit VI – The Undiscovered Country (Lights)” from Science Club. A fitting close to a birthday celebration, the group, from Philadelphia, talks of breakup and regrets in this classic punk sounding tune. It winds down the album and the party and will leave you satisfied that you stuck around for the duration of the festivities.

As mentioned before, Ska Box and Allegedly Records once again put together a perfectly curated compilation album. It flows so well and takes us through quite a party. This rad anthology of songs from an array of great bands will leave you scouring for more. Happy Birthday, Ska Box!! This album shows just how much there is to celebrate from your first year.

Track Listing:

1. The Homisides - One Shot Down

2. Bored With Fire - Altruistic Truth

3. Buena Suerte - Two-Tone-Ke-Mon

4. American Television - Wasteland, USA

5. Massive Blowout - More Than I Can Take

6. Joker’s Republic - Stand Up

7. Fuck Yeah, Dinosaurs! - Intergalactic Reptilian Shredders

8. Sexy Teenagers - Pizza Bites for Dinner

9. Suburban Downgrade - Bent

10. Paperback Tragedy - Too Far Gone

11. Periodic Table of Elephants - Waiting

12. Joker’s Republic - Talking to Strangers

13. The Snipped - Into the Red

14. Minivandal - Down and Out

15. Science Club - Emotional Bullshit VI

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