Album Review: La Copia Infeliz del Edén by La Oveja Gritona - Raven

La Oveja Gritona (which translates to “The Screaming Sheep”) are a punk rock/hardcore band from Chile. When I first looked them up, I realized that their native language is Spanish, a language I can understand a bit but can’t speak. Although this could have hindered my ability in listening and understanding their latest album, “La Copia Infeliz del Edén,” I can honestly say that wasn’t a barrier at all. Music is universal and this album can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of the language barrier.

The album starts off with “Reodeado de Montañas,” which translates to “Surrounded by Mountains.” It sets the tone for the rest of the album and starts off with some powerful drums following by vocals. It reminded me more of a classic metal intro, as I can see anyone head-banging to this track. The musicality along with the vocals will remain consistent through the rest of the album, as you can clearly distinguish the power of each member.

Another great track is called, “Bipolar,” which features the same type of sound as the intro track. As mentioned before, the sound throughout this album is consistent, and this once again features a strong, yet even sound. You can hear the emotion throughout the song, and regardless if a language barrier or not, it’ll be a song that resonates with you.

The album closes out with “La Copia Infeliz del Edén,” which translates to the likes of “The Unhappy Copy of Eden.” This one is a little bit slower than the previous songs, and it serves as the perfect outro for this album. It starts off with that consistent slow, heavy sound, and picks up about halfway through the song into a great punk track. It reminds me of Suicidal Tendencies “Pledge Your Allegiance” a bit, and this album displays remnants of the popular hardcore sound they’re known for.

Overall, this album can really be enjoyed by anyone regardless if they understand the language, because music is universal. Whether it’s the musicality displayed through each instrument, the vocals, or the overall tone of the anthology, there’s something for everyone in this collection of songs.