Album Review: La Injusticia por Sobre la Razón by Motivo - Raven

Motivo, from Santiago, Chile, comes to you with an EP that has all of the elements you’d want in a great punk album. Released in May of 2020, La Injusticia por Sobre la Razón, which translates to “Injustice Over Reason,” talks of inequality, friendship, family, and overcoming life’s journey over the course of its four songs. The classic punk riffs, melodic harmonies, and individualistic style will leave you wanting more from the trio.

The album starts off with “Inesperado,” (“Unexpected”) which opens with a slow build and progresses into a highly infectious song. It’s the perfect introduction for the band, as it allows the listener to really dive into some classic hardcore punk. The opening riff from Trenza will hook you in, and paired with Rodrigo’s solid bass lines and Milo’s powerful drumming, it’s the perfect track.

“Irreal” (“Unreal”) is personally one of my favorites on the album. There are parts in the song that sound so familiar, as the vibe feels like that of Suicidal Tendencies. The transition from “Inesperado” to “Irreal” is seamless, and the musicality of each member shines throughout. I can easily see anyone jumping into a pit when this song plays, as it’s fast, hard-hitting, and is a standout in the collection.

The album comes to a close with “Inhabilitado,” (“Disabled”) which tricks the listeners into thinking it’ll be more of a slower song before firing off into the consistent sound Motivo has displayed throughout this journey of a record. It’s a little more melodic than the others, as you can hear Trenza’s range alter from verse to chorus, however it’s a great tune that will make you feel like you’re enjoying the closing song at your favorite punk show. It has everything you’d want in a last song: emotion, solid instrumentals, and a closeout that’s solid all-around.

Overall, this is a gem of an album. Motivo is a great band with a high-quality sound and overall high musical ability. I hope more people take a listen to this, as they’ll certainly get turned on to some great music. I look forward to hearing more in the future.