Album Review: Lab Rats/Spy on the Wall Split by Paranormal Paratroopers - Raven

Paranormal Paratroopers come at you with some new songs off of their split with Rube Goldberg called Lab Rats/Spy on the Wall Split. Their section, respectfully titled Disdain Split EP 1: Lab Rats, features three tracks that showcases the talent of the Berkley, Michigan-based band. Both Kyle and Gabe prove strong in their own right, with each exhibiting their abilities throughout each song.

The EP opens up with their track, “Nosebleeds.” Their sound automatically brings you to a Masked Intruder-type vibe, as Kyle’s vocals paired with their catchy and fun sound resonates with you. Musically, both Kyle and Gabe shine on their respective instruments, so much so that you forget that there’s only two members that make up this band. It’s a strong introduction for anyone that takes a listen to this EP.

The next song, “Another Year Close to Death,” talks of love and the hardship it brings. It’s a very classic sounding punk song, and will have anyone thinking of past relationships. As Kyle sings, “Love’s the best medicine, but right now it’s the source of the pain,” you can’t help but feel for those who have shared that experience. It’s a very steady-paced song that will leave you right in the feels.

The last song, and my personal favorite, is “Hipshot Grace at a Suicidal Pace.” It starts off as the fastest song on the EP and settles into a more pop-punk sound, with the duo shining through and through. From Gabe’s consistently powerful drums, to Kyle’s original guitar riffs scattered throughout, it’ll leave you looking for more from this duo.

Overall, these three songs are a great introduction for anyone who’d like to know more about the twosome from Michigan. They prove to be a complimentary pair as you can hear the chemistry both musically and as individuals. If you haven’t yet, check out this band, you’ll be glad you did.