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Nothing Left But This by Reason Unknown

Reason Unknown, from Phoenix, Arizona, has graced us with some good, classic, punk rock. Their latest EP, Nothing Left But This, which was released on October 7, 2020. Having been involved in the scene for over fifteen years, the group’s veteran status is shown throughout, as each track featured is strong in its own right. From its melodies to its powerful instrumental sound, it’s sure to be a recurrent album in your daily musical rotation.

The album starts strong with “Ill Condition”, opening with some sweet guitar riffs followed by heavy-hitting drums, before the vocals come in. It’s very reminiscent of any exemplary punk song, as it has what every tune needs to pump life into its listener. Once this track hits your ears, it’ll make you want to start a mosh pit right where you stand.

A favorite on this EP is “Left for Dead,” which reminds me of Dropkick Murphy’s, or any oi/hardcore band for that matter. Vocalist Pat Sexton shines on the track, as you can hear the passion with each word that’s casted out over the two-minute song. If you need any sort of motivation, put on this track and let it carry you through whatever it is you’re going through.

The album closes with “Punk Rock Love Song”, another sure to be favorite for any listener. It’s opening immediately has me thinking of Teenage Bottlerocket or any band in that realm, as it starts with a playful, yet fast melody. Its simplistic lyrics speaking on love coupled with its impassioned sound, this track will hit you right in the feels and leave you wanting more from the group.

Overall, this EP is great. Each song shows a range of sound, as you can distinctly hear different influences every time a new tune starts. It’s very reflective of the presence Reason Unknown has had over the last fifteen years in the scene, and it shows just how much they love some good punk rock.

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