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Red by Bored With Fire

While numerous bands attempt to navigate their way in the world of skate punk, Bored with Fire, from Spokane, Washington, have seemingly figured it out. Upon first listening to their new EP, Red - the 90’s skate punk vibes are ever so prevalent. This two-song EP, released on November 19, 2020, proves that quality overrides quantity, providing us with two self-sufficient fast-paced singles.

The first single, “Finger Pistols”, greets listeners with energetic instrumentation, floating along a class song structure that would get any alternative fan immediately interested. Reminiscent of the Fat Wreck Chords golden catalog, this single could launch Bored with Fire into making quite the name for themselves. The vocalist’s inflections and tone really suit this particular genre, a

task that not all can execute with such ease.

The second single, “Altruistic Truth” starts off with some beautiful acoustic chords, and then catapults the listener into a Millencolin-esque haze. Abrupt-yet-sequential drumming, pronounced vocality, and painfully relatable lyrics are what keeps this track replaying in everyone’s minds for days to come. Bored with Fire’s passion and hard work is made apparent, using their time to masterfully craft these dynamic songs.

Newly signed to Allegedly Records, this band proves that their dedication and talent has paid off. I hope that everyone gets a chance to listen to this EP, and I cannot wait to see what they have planned for the future.

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