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Sips by Lamplighters

The guys in Lamplighters are no strangers to making music as Sips is their third release. A melodic, skate punk band from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, these guys shred!

The first song on this four track EP is titled, “One More Time.” This song starts out strong with a driving bassline that will make you want to tap your feet, then moves to a nice steady beat where you might want to mosh. This song would have fit nicely on one of those punk-o-rama comps from over 20 years ago, and it really sets the pace for the rest of this album.

“Sips”, the title track, packs a punch with its fast paced guitar riffs and thumping bass. The lyrics reflect on being young and doing dumb shit, and then growing older and still doing the same dumb shit. Something I can definitely relate to.

“Goodbye For Now” starts out with a guitar riff that seemed really familiar to me, which made me enjoy the song quite a bit. It took me a while to place it, but i finally figured out that it reminded me of a song by Fifteen titled, “Sinseriously”. This made me really appreciate this song, as i am a huge Fifteen fan.

Bringing us to the end is “Shuuu Tiger”, a very catchy song with a chorus full of “ohhh ohhhhs,” begging you to join in on the singing. I really enjoy the lead singer’s voice; it adds another layer to the already great music.

This was a really great album and I am currently checking out more of their stuff. You can find Lamplighters on Bandcamp, YouTube, and Facebook. What are you waiting for?! Go give these guys a listen!

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