Album Review: The Last Sunset You Will Ever See by Mirage Wave - Kanan

Updated: Feb 14

Mirage Wave (Noely Gonzalez, Alexandra Grey, Maria Flaherty, and Steve Austad) dropped their four song EP, The Last Sunset You Will Ever See, in March of 2020. The Last Sunset You Will Ever See has a run time of only fourteen minutes and forty-seven seconds, but this band packs in powerful-yet-whimsical songs, filled with messages of self-reflection and the ongoing fight for equality.

The opening track “I Hear the Lunatic Singing Too” immediately caught my attention. Being someone who has grown to really love and appreciate indie music, this song really grabbed me. Intricate hints of new wave underneath repeated lyrics such as “I’m just a lunatic tonight”, definitely will satisfy listeners who have indie rock cravings. Also, I have to mention that sweet frenzied solo toward the end of the song, that quickly fades as the song comes to a close.

Track number two, aka “Supreme Summer” hands down, provides the best vocals/lyrics on this EP. First, the classic-esque contorted vocals brings to mind the best type of memories - punk shows in dark, dingy venues, filled to capacity. When first listening, the songs talks of being a woman in a misogynistic world (“this is fucking misogyny!”), but taking a closer listen to the lyrics provided me with experiences of dealing with transphobes as well. “Can’t be a woman if she doesn’t bleed” was the standout lyric on this track. This lyric, to me, can be interpreted as having unfortunate run-ins with TERFS (trans-exclusionary radical feminists), or transphobes in general.

“Nothing Happens Here (Only the Ordinary)” is definitely the most mellow song on this EP. Listeners will almost feel like they are being put in a hypnotic trance, the same melody and vocals paced evenly and repeatedly. The even-keel melody and execution could be a reflection of the title and lyrics (“I’m always sleeping because nothing happens here”).

The last track on this EP, “Wolves (For Emily), according to the band, is about past lives and self-reflection. To quote (bassist) Alex, “you don’t make it through the rough patches unscathed, we all have scars and damage done, sometimes we’re a completely different person.” This song is a perfect closing track, and leaves listeners wanting more, but in a completely satisfied way. The catchy riff layered with the stern, semi-shouted lyrics fit cohesively against one another. The honesty and grit in the lyrics are reflected by the music underneath, as well as the eventual (slowly building) calm-yet-manic solo at the end.

Overall, I believe that Mirage Wave are onto something fresh and interesting. They take real-life experiences and provide those listening with eclectic songs for the ears. The different approaches to each song proves that this band is multidimensional, which is an important skill to have. I anticipate great things from this band, and look forward to their next release.

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