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Transmitters by Steadfast HTX

Steadfast HTX are a punk rock band from Houston, Texas. Their debut album, Transmitters, contains 11 tracks of social conscience and punk angst. Clocking in at just over 38 minutes, this album will not disappoint if you enjoy punk rock anthems that make you want to sing along (even if you don't quite know the lyrics yet).

The album starts with the title track. “Transmitters," and it immediately drew me in with the guitar intro leading to the first verse. The vocals hit and that gruff voice lets you know this is gonna be a good ride. Into the chorus and here comes the sing alongs and chants, “turn it all the way up for the world to know”. This was a very strong opener and the energy just keeps going.

Continuing on with the album, we have “Desperation Generation,” another anthemic song that urges you to sing along. Track # 3 is called “Thieves and Liars.” This song is one of my favorites on this album. The music is great and the lyrics are on point. I mean, who doesn't hate thieves and liars?

Song # 4 is titled “Just Disbelievers.” The intro to this song is quite a bit different from the rest. It starts with a piano, which really drew me in more. The same elements are still there and this song definitely delivers.

“Above It All,” is another one of my favorites on this album with lyrics such as ”nobody’s gonna catch you when you fall” and “you gotta rise above it all”. Words of wisdom.

“Land of Opportunity” starts out nicely with a good guitar riff, continuing on with catchy music and chantable lyrics. Why change a good thing when it works.... and it works well!

“My Conviction” is my favorite track on this album. The lyrics really hit home for me and it reminded me of my DIY mindset!

“Integrity,” “One Shot,” and “Old Scars” all continue on in the same spirit as the rest. Very good songs, catchy guitar riffs, and thumping drums. It all makes you want to get up and move.

“These Days” is the closing track and it is another strong song. It’s good, because it just urges you to listen again, and I'm sure you will!

Overall I enjoyed this album; I will for sure put this album in my regular rotation and I hope you will too!

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