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All This Time is Yours Now- Goddamnit Release an Amazing Record

(check it out by clicking the album cover)

I love discovering "new" bands, music, artwork. Always have. I also love sharing those discoveries with like minded individuals, sometimes ad nauseam. Matters not if the band is brand spanking new and just formed, or in this case, over a decade old.

Goddamnit is a band that I've only known about for this past year. I'm not sure who even told me to check them out. Undoubtably a person who I rambled on to about some of my favorite bands and eventually got me to stop talking long enough to say "hey! If you dig that then you GOTTA hear these guys". And that's when I fell in love.

Formed in 2011 as an answer to the members musical question "where to next"? The answer is a heartfelt punk/post-hardcore mix of sounds reminiscent of bands like Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, and the Slow Death. Sometimes heavy, sometimes lighter, but always sincere and from the gut. These songs speak to the core of one's being. Triggering nostalgia and creating a new range of emotions with each listen.

"Totally Undone" starts things off. Steeped deep in almost confessional tones, this is Goddamnit at what they do best. The sparse instrumentation matching the emotional insistence of the lyrical content. From there, things only get better. Songs like "Rejects on the Wall" and "Hide the Bruises Wisely" will have you re-listening to this gem for a long long while. "Oakford" closes out the eleven tracks with an optimism reserved for sunsets after a long hard day. One where, after endless struggles, you've proven your worth and tomorrow will be a better day because of it.

There's a timeless beauty in this record. I felt like I was listening to something incredibly familiar, yet brand new. Nostalgic with longing for better times, infused with hope that those better times are still to come.

If you want to know more about this great band from Philly give em a follow and some likes at:

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Catch them at a show! Tell 'em how much you love them for me!

All This Time is Yours Now is out on Creep Records and Sell the Heart Records

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