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Punk Rock and Mental Illness Vol 1 by Emily Ryan

Bitterly honest and unapologetically raw, Emily Ryan's multimedia collection is just what we need to hear in a world largely untruthful. Coming out December 26, 2020, Ryan's work boasts a well-married mix of poetry, punk rock, photography, journal entries, and absolutely no bullshit. "Punk Rock and Mental Illness Vol. 1: A Love Story More Stable Than We Are" is a poignant, if brief, glimpse into not only the mind of the author, but also into that of the manic depressive. This short volume will have you resonating and ready to bleed right along with our troubled poet.

The photography gracing every page ranges from farmstead meadows to seedy punk club, graffiti-adorned bathroom walls, which we can assume encompasses the range of day to day visuals for the Cleveland, OH based artist. Ryan's collection gives us a view of her world beneath the combat boots, showing us the things that stay with her once the music has stopped and the PBR has run dry. She reveals to us the soft underbelly of our scene, but also that which all of us possess as individuals.

Even as the writer puts her emotional investments on the table for us to dissect and lets us in on the polarity of her innermost musings, Ryan manages to keep her content humorous and utterly punk rock with titles the likes of "My Coping Mechanisms Are a Joke and I've Lost the Cocaine," "Infatuation? Or Is This Shit Real?," and "Umm... I Think I Broke It." Be sure to check out her website to see more of her photography and to get your copy of "Punk Rock and Mental Illness Vol. 1."

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