Call In Dead Releases 7" Split With 2amature

Orlando, Flordia’s Call in Dead has released their new album DCxPC Live Vol 1. The album was released as a 7" vinyl split with 2AMature, recorded live in the Danger Room in Orlando, FL and is released on DCxPC Live.

DCXPC is an indie label founded by Call in Dead’s bass player, Mike Hellbound, and drummer, Mr. P. The Label Supports live music by booking punk, hardcore, ska and metal shows in Central Florida and releasing live concert albums on limited-edition vinyl.

The album features four live songs from call in dead, including "Fight Of The Bumblebee". The track is a throwback DIY hardcore track along the lines of Black Flag, Bad Brains and Motorhead. It blends Call In Dead's love for punk, hardcore and metal into an aggressive song with the positive message of taking the road less travelled."It is the ethos that undergirds the essence of what punk rock is about," explains the band, "Because doing what everyone else has already done is not how to live."

Call In Dead is made up of four veteran punk rockers, one from DC, one from NJ and the others two from FL. With the oldest at 45 and the youngest at 30, they bring their different music experiences and styles together to make a sound that should be familiar to fans of hardcore punk while also giving it the uniqueness that comes from blending their past together into the present. Fitting on shows with pop punk bands, old school hardcore bands, psychobilly bands and metal bands is just one example of how it’s been difficult to pin down the answer to the perennial question: What band do you sound like?

Three years into playing shows they have released an EP, a set of digital singles, a live 7” and a forthcoming full length vinyl is on the way. The band’s first tour was cancelled due to Covid, but they’ve used that time to put on various live streams, start a record label, raise $2,000 for the Mental Health Association of Central Florida in May of 2020, and get voted the 2020 Best Punk Band in Orlando by Orlando Weekly readers!

You can catch up with call in dead at the links below!