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Craig's Brother Tell it Like it is

Easily Won, Rarely Deserved is the first new music from Santa Cruz band Craig's Brother in over a decade. If you were a fan, you've been hoping and waiting. If you weren't? Once you give this album a spin you will be!

From the onset Craig's Brother were a little different. Part indie rock, part melodic skatepunk, part midwest emo, there was no pigeonhole to really put them into. A more coherent REM meets skate punk vibe. Uniquely their own musically, they set themselves apart from their peers. Nearly two decades later, little has changed.

Easily Won is the band taking a critical eye and turning towards our humanities state of affairs. Putrefaction of Trust erupts as track one. A solid ripper of an instrumental. Warming up the earholes for all that's to come.

Out of Your Hole is a scathing 'we see you' aimed squarely at those who would believe in their superiority over others based on the color of their skin.

"now that you're out of your hole, now that you think you have power, without your sheets and hoods we finally meet the cowards"

Catchy and melodic, as well as undeniably eloquent,this is a band that feels no need for politeness. Leveling a shotgun of truth squarely at everything from: the ultra conservative religious right Violent Faith, users and abusers Terrible Slave, and even our own poor choices Rodeo Clown. Unflinching and at times heartbreakingly beautiful lyrics painted over a soundscape ranging from skate core to ska to a 50s pop style make this album of the year material for sure.

As always I urge you to follow the band, and show some love on socials. As well as buy anything you find that you love. Album out now on People of Punk Rock Records

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