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Another Year Closer to Whatever by Heavy Lag

What if I told you that I knew of a band who's debut was absolutely going to blow you away? You'd probably think that I was joking. I see you there with your "there's no good new music since XXXX" attitude. You are so very, very wrong.

Heavy Lag is a rad new band from NYC. Born at the beginning of the pandemic, these songs have been sharpened and honed for the past two years while shows across the country were canceled, and being in a close quartered studio was not possible. They released a few rough demos showing promise as things progressed with their songwriting. A gravel road headed towards some unseen destination. That destination is Another Year Closer to Whatever.

The Brooklyn quartet like to call what they do "dirt pop." Listening to the tracks on Year, it's easy to see why that analogy works. The "pop" aspect is apparent at the very first listen. The tunes are bright and energetic, catchy and engaging, without falling prey to the gloss and glitz of standard pop. A healthy dose of skate punk inspiration is infused throughout just waiting to burst the songs wide open.

The "Dirt" is a different type of perfection. The production on this album seems to have dusted every vocal with a fine diamond dust and the right amount of grit to avoid being overworked. They chose to delve deep into whiskey soaked emotional strains, unlike so much radio friendly pop music. Always Agita is the perfect embodiment of what I'm talking about. A classic punk sound upgraded for what comes next.

(click the photo to listen)

There's a whole lot to love in this first record. After multiple listens, I'm finding more and more that I like about it. By the time you read this, I'll probably have found more superlatives to describe it. For now though, I say to give this a full listen and try to deny that it isn't one of the catchiest records of the year. I'm betting you can't do it.

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