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Just Some Singles: Volume 1

We often get requests to review upcoming or just released singles. Since we have been producing compilations for Ska Box every month, I thought why not a composition type compilation of single reviews.

First up, we have The Re-Adjusters, a 9 piece ska band out of Orange County, CA. Their single, “Firesquad,” features another great ska band, Dang!t. This song starts out with a heavy hitting brass section that is reminiscent of The Squirrel Nut Zippers back in the day. Raspy, raw vocals belt out lyrics that are a perfect contrast to the horns. The guitar solo really shines in this track.

Lending some Canadian vocals to the mix, we have the Toronto quartet, By Octopi. This group of musical veterans seized the opportunity during this last year to create this punk rock powerhouse. The single, “Orange,” makes good on their promise to deliver a range of sound with these fast paced, yet substantial, guitar riffs. I’ll gladly take their offer to be their plus one and eagerly await their debut album.

So little known fact - but I have a soft spot in my heart for WWF wrestling from the 80s and 90s. Homer City’s Post Traumatik fed right into those good memories with their single, “Running Wild.” These lyrics will transport you back to that era in pop culture as this song is a musical time machine. Literally every element and character was given an honorable mention. After just one listen, I spent the remainder of the day singing, “Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do.”

Next up are my local favorites: 4 guys that make #Dadcore outta Altoona, PA. The Snipped are known for mowing the grass on a Saturday afternoon and then playing a show that same night. The seasoned sound from this single can only come from years of combined experience. Backing vocals are harmonized perfectly with Wax's distinct singing voice and the group’s classic punk rock vibes shine through. “Into the Red” was an excellent choice to tease their upcoming album.

Rounding out this review compilation are Maryland based skate punkers, Paperback Tragedy. The single, “Too Far Gone,” brings us just that - hard, fast skate punk that could have been found on any comp from the late 90’s. These dudes delivered on more than just the tempo as well. Lyrically, this song kicked me in the feels on a day when I was feeling pretty down on myself and it was just what I needed to hear. “Don’t give up. Please try again” cos you are never too far gone.

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