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Las Vegas's The Rifleman Walk Among the Friendly Shadows

Las Vegas is known for lots of things, many of which spring to mind immediately. What's not on that list is folk punk, but if The Rifleman have their way, that will change.

Vegas is a quirky place, and the punk scene as you might have guessed from my introductory paragraph is eclectic. Skate punk, crust punk, "orgcore", it's all there. And in that glorious mix that is the Las Vegas punk scene is the Rifleman. A super group sort of side project featuring members of the fantastic (and I truly mean this) Lawn Mower Death Riders and Bogtrotters Union. The sound is unmistakable and unshakable.

"Thru the Motions" opens the ep with a classic plucky upbeat bluegrass sound. Not my personal favorite genre, I found myself immediately bobbing my head and singing along with the chorus. It's catchy, it's fun and it forces a smile to any face that hears it. Uplifting is the best adjective I've got!

"Gray Ocean Bluegrass" follows and has more traditional hillbilly folk sound. You can almost picture the old hound dog on the porch of a shack while music is being made and moonshine is being drank.

A bit later, "well everyone, prepare to get your guts kicked out by folk singers," "Bumblebee Jamboree" erupts through your speakers. If you ever had any doubt about how much talent is in this band, it will immediately be erased by this track. Blistering banjo picking, guitar strumming, and high intensity fiddle all combine into a beautiful cacophony that's certain to win you over.

The synopsis is this: Sin City is churning out some of the best bluegrass and folk punk around right now. If you aren't a fan of folk punk, I highly suggest you grab this great ep, as well as its predecessor from GC Records, and give it a spin. Because everything you thought about folk punk is on its way out the window.

Definitely go show some love to this band! When you go to Vegas for vacation, maybe see if they're playing Dive Bar or Triple B. Catch them live, because they are a treat to see in action! Also, check out the members other bands as well and see what else they're up too when not 'shinin'.

The Rifleman on Facebook

The Rifleman on Instagram

The Rifleman on Bandcamp

and of course one of the greatest little labels on earth GC Records!

Uncle Damon is the Review Chief for Beyond the Pit, Co-founder and President of Bypolar Records, and a founder of the Scene to Shining Scene co-op. Enthusiastic supporter of artistic endeavors and spreader of chaotic good wherever he goes.

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