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You Have to Promise by Lightweight

As usual, I'm a little behind! We all are and that's ok. Better than ok when you have great songs to listen to while playing catch up! Enter Sacto's finest: Lightweight!

I'm sure you're thinking, "but Damon, didn't you just write about these guys? Didn't you tell us to buy This One's on Me?" Way to pay attention! Proud of you! The answer to both is YES! You Have to Promise is three new tracks from this great little band with great big heart. Four self proclaimed "friends for life", their bond is the core of their art. Every word, every note, every drum hit is infused with their love. Not just for each other, but for life itself.

Purple Balloon bursts into your earholes and won't let go. Smf hits like a gut punch. While the Shore rounds out the trio of tunes with a more whimsical feel. This is anything but your typical emo. Sure the lyrics tug at your heart, but the music is almost scientifically precise. Progressive skate punk delivered at full intensity. The combination is deadly in the best possible way! You'll find yourself singing along on the way home from work with the windows down in no time!

This band should be on your watch list. They've been on mine for a while now and only seem to get better with each new release. Which is wild considering they've released two eps just this year! I can't wait to hear what they do next and I'm pretty sure you won't want to miss out either. So - give em a follow at the links below, buy some stuff on bandcamp, and go see them when they come to town.

Lightweight on Facebook

Lightweight on IG

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