Album Review: The Heart is Stupid by Amy Gabba and the Almost Famous - Bree

Updated: Feb 14

It's no secret that I adore Amy Gabba, as an artist and as a person. I learned about her music through a group's New Music Monday and we quickly became friends when it was apparent that we had a similar sense of humor. I purchased The Heart is Stupid during Bandcamp's promotion of giving all proceeds directly to the bands.

Amy is from Toronto, Canada and has always been comfortable on the stage. While most of us were running around being goofy kids, Amy started performing at the age of 10! Her voice is gorgeous and her musical sound is a mix between ska and punk rock, so you know that I'm here for it. I tend to keep my personal life private, but I was unable to do that with this write up. This album spoke to my soul.

The album starts with the song, Lies. This one hit home for me, because I am in the end stages of a divorce. After 18 years, we just couldn't make it work anymore. The beginning of that journey was super rough and put me in a dark place. This song immediately puts me back in that headspace of the lies that I would tell myself just to get out of bed everyday. Only this time, I had Amy's angel vocals and some ska to dance along with to snap me out of it.

F.U. Cupid is the second track and FML. I met my ex when I was 19, so I bypassed all of the dating bullshit that most people experience in their 20's. I recently thought that maybe I was ready to venture out into the world again. I was horribly, horribly wrong. This song will explain it for you.

Soulmates and Strangers is my favorite on the album. UGH, this one hurts. Though anyone that has gone through a breakup after a significant amount of time could relate to this song. It personifies the feelings that you go through when you come to that crossroad and realize that the relationship is over. "The things that you used to love about me, now you love to hate." Again, thank god for the ska beat that accompanies these heartfelt lyrics or I may not have survived the many times that I played this on repeat....

The album ends on a high note with Distance. It's a love song, but it's a rational love song. It's so hard to let down those walls that you build around yourself after having your heart broken and you carry that baggage with you into the next part of your life. Allow yourself to lower your guard, but never put more energy into something that the other person isn't matching. You should absolutely go the distance for the person who you love, but only if they are meeting you halfway. If not, then move on, sister.

I loved The Heart is Stupid from start to finish. It hit me in my feels, but didn't leave me depressed. Amy's lyrics grabbed and connected with me even when I didn't realize that I needed it.

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