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Raging Nathans are Still Spitting Blood

Saying that The Raging Nathans are back at it isn't quite accurate, as they never stopped. I've still got Waste My Heart on my turntable, so when I heard that the Nathans had a brand new record coming out, I was shocked.

I wondered to myself "how good could this be?" After all, Waste was a beast of an album. Full of great lyrics, energy, blistering guitars, and throbbing rhythms - how could a follow up so soon possibly match all of that? Just how?

As most Raging Nathan's fans have discovered, they never let up and never let us down. Still Spitting Blood is peak RN. A bit of a more upbeat feel than last years release, it doesn't back down from their patented formula of catchy tunes coupled with inspired lyrics. Production is clear and bright, without being glossy. perfect blend of rawness and clarity allow you to hear every note and every syllable. I could read you lyrics and dissect song by song but I'll be honest here, you're going to have this on your record player and phone for months and will know them heart by heart soon enough. Album ships mid November and is on sale now with tracks available on digital download with purchase. Do it, and get a couple for friends who love music and give em as Christmas gifts! You can't go wrong with Raging Nathans.

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