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Something from Nothing by Playing Dead

Playing Dead are at it again. The ever prolific purveyors of the Long Island sound bring us the third of a trilogy of EP's called Something from Nothing. You may remember that last year the band had decided that they would explore their sound by going to the source; the music that inspired them. The teaser first single, Take Me Back, points to the inspiration for this one as the shoe-gaziest, hummable, sing-along-able, poppy, wunderkinds ever: Weezer! Sam's voice is soaked in almost pleading emotional lyrics. The guitars are fuzzy and bright with the rhythm section perfectly punctuating the sound.

It's always fun to hear favorite bands paying their respects to the places from where they came. It lends some backstory as to why they started doing what they do and how they became who they are. Playing Dead manage to pay tribute to their inspirations while staying true to themselves. If you close your eyes you'd swear it was a long lost track from Blue. Simultaneously new, yet hauntingly familiar. I cannot wait to give the entire thing a listen! Until then - this track will be constantly repeated and I'll be thinking about 1994.

If you enjoy diverse bands, such as, Weezer, Samiam, Old 97s, and Get Up Kids, then do yourself a favor and listen to Playing Dead the second after you read this.

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