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Struggle. Survive. Repeat. by Longshot Odds

I first got a taste of South Carolina’s Longshot Odds last year when Allegedly Records did a split comp with their label, River Monster Records. Their LP, So Far To Go, quickly became a constant spin after that and I have been eagerly anticipating their next release.

That wait finally ended last week when they dropped their latest single, Struggle. Survive. Repeat., off of their upcoming album, Stress Marks. As soon as the song kicks off - you hear the familiar sound that belongs only to this established band. The upbeat and fast paced tempo delivered by Wittmere, Dunlap, and West pairs perfectly, and almost masks the harsh reality of the lyrics sung by North. “Well, now I don’t wanna live like that. On the edge of desperate.” As a socio-economic movement brews in the air, Longshot Odds offers up this catchy anthem (with it's phenomenal musical breakdown) to the playlist for change. The full album drops on 11/12/22, don't miss it!

Breezy McMullen is the Editor in Chief for Beyond the Pit. She also co-owns Allegedly Records and Punk Box and is a founder of the Scene to Shining Scene co-op. When she's not herding children and musicians - you can find her in the woods or on a lake getting stoned....probably.

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