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Wasted Days by Personal Crisis

Great News for NOFX fans... No, they did not cancel their latest tour. Though if you miss the classic sounds of 90's punk rock, Personal Crisis brings you the tunes to which we skated down the street with our Walkmans with their LP, Wasted Days. Listening to the first song reminded me that punk's not dead. I quickly became enamored with their music's political messages, as many songs revolve around the idea of working class struggles.

When I heard P.D.A. (Public Service Announcement), the heavy bass intro drew me in then the whip of the guitar kept me interested in the song. However, if you like to listen to music to escape the trap of politics - Personal Crisis has plenty of titillation for your ears to enjoy.

The next song that moved me was "Friends From the Beginning." The tune took me back to my teenage angst. The first lyrics had me listening to the song over and over. "Every time in life I feel disdain, I lose all function in my brain. The times are causing such a drain." As my head bops to the music, we can all remember our grinds in life. The struggle is real, and it is nice to remember we all are out here fighting to survive.

While the music of Personal Crisis might take you back to when you had a walkman, you can listen to all their music on Bandcamp. Even though I could go on and on about these punks, you should put them on your playlist and see for yourself.

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