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Allegedly Records is the vision of three individuals in three different states. We are united by a love of punk rock and the desire to do our part to contribute to the scene. 

Meet Our Team

BREE Mcmullen

Bree has a background in finance, logistics, and project management. She also co-owns Punk Box and Beyond the Pit and is a founder of the scene to scene co-op. She oversees the daily activities at allegedly and heads marketing.

chris resized.jpg


Chris has worked in various aspects of the music industry since 1999 and currently runs the Syracuse Music Collective. He provides creative art/packaging, consulting, and oversees the overall artistic direction of the label.


AMY brady

Amy has a background in marketing/public relations, social media management, and show promoting. She is pursuing a degree in music business, and co-owns Punk box and Beyond the Pit PR. Amy runs the team’s social media accounts, as well as the public relations department.

Our Mission

Allegedly Records operates as a full service record label that aids our bands with all aspects of the music industry, without inhibiting their creative process.

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