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snubbed by allegedly is the perfect partnership between allegedly records and snubbed records. wanting to do more for their communities, they came together in order to put out upcoming albums for bands beyond what their respective labels release.

Our Releases
TA-80 - Turn It Up

TA-80 is a punk/rock band from AZ, that combines the high-speed thrills of punk, the infectious anthems of classic rock, and the pop power of new wave. Their album, Turn It Up, will be released on Snubbed By Allegedly on 4/26/24 and will be available on CD and cassette. 

The Stivs - Get Loose

The Stivs, from Bluecollarville,  USA, unashamedly borrow from the rock 'n' roll greats of the past, mix it with their own ability to craft memorable hooks, and light it all on fire with enough fuel to power a rocket engine. Their album, Get Loose, was co-released with Shakin' Hips Records on 3/16/24 and is available on vinyl and digital download. 

The Downstrokes - This Close to Vertigo

Influenced by garage rock and punk rock, The Downstrokes, from Frostburg, MD, play a gritty and energetic brand of rock-n-roll that spans the genres of punk and hard rock. Their album, This Close to Vertigo was co-released on 9/29/23 with Coffin Curse Records and is available on vinyl and digital download. 

Our Team
Allegedly Records - Bree Myers, Punk Around and Find Out

BREE Mcmullen

Allegedly Records

Label Owner



Ron Saccoccio

Snubbed Records

Label Owner


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